HRB Summer Scholarship will explore the experiences of individuals living with diabetes,

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HRB Summer Scholarship will explore the experiences of individuals living with diabetes


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The project will be conducted as part of an HRB Summer Scholarship and will explore the experiences of individuals living with diabetes, including during Covid-19; for example, the challenges faced in terms of self-management of the condition in the face of disruption to health services. In particular, the project aims to document the impact of attending structured diabetes education such as Dose Adjustment for Normal Eating (DAFNE) programmes on the lives of people with diabetes, to better understand the benefits of such programmes and the process of adopting the programme principles in everyday life, particularly throughout the pandemic. A community-based participatory approach, called photovoice, whereby participants take photographs of important and meaningful aspects of their lives, will be used to offer an insight into the reality of living with diabetes during the pandemic. The project outputs will serve as a resource to raise awareness about diabetes management during Covid-19 and to highlight the role of education programmes like DAFNE.


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People with Type 1 diabetes who have attended DAFNE. As the project involves taking digital photographs participants will need to have access to and be able to use a smartphone, iPad or other electronic devices which allows them to take photos.


What will the participants be asked to do? (max 300 words)

Take part in a 1-hour group online or in-person meeting which will be held with participants to brief them on the photovoice methodology and deliver short training on photography. If it is not possible to arrange a group meeting, then a few smaller meetings (4-5 participants) will be arranged, or participants will be briefed individually.


Following this session, participants will be asked to take 6-10 photographs over a ten-day period.

Following this period, short (10-15-minute) semi-structured individual interviews will be conducted with participants online, by phone or in person. They will be prompted to talk through their photographs and explain their significance.


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2 months

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Health Research Board


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Fiona Riordan



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Fiona Riordan

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