Helpful apps for managing your diabetes

We recently asked our Facebook users which apps they found most useful when managing their diabetes. We have compiled a list of their favourites for you to check out. 

Glucose buddy: This is available on iPhone and android. It has received top marks from diabetes organisations such as American Diabetes Association for being a comprehensive, easy-to-use logging app. You can log and tag your blood sugars, medications and carbohydrates, and send PdFs to yourself or to your healthcare team. The online platform, which automatically syncs with the app, projects your next a1c level.

Carbs and cals: Our Facebook users find this useful for carb counting. 

Glucool for android: This is a glucose, insulin and carb diary. It has a calculator for working out insulin doses that let you log the calculation into the diary. One diabetes Ireland Facebook user said it was the most complete app they had found to date.

Diabetes UK tracker: This has scope to test bloods when stressed, tired, sick etc. You can flag readings to discuss with your doctor and enter medical appointments. Users say it is very simple to use and it is free.

MyFitnesssPal and Glooko: Facebook users say these are both very quick and easy to use. There is a cable available for Glooko to pull all readings from the meter to the app. These can in turn be analysed and exported to a variety of formats.

Other helpful apps

Mysugr Companion: This is available only on iPhones. Launched in June 2013, mySugr Companion is the new kid on the diabetes logbook. Created by two Austrian people with type 1 diabetes, MySugr made waves because of its unique approach to diabetes: creating a nameable monster that you ‘tame’ via the actions you take to manage diabetes. Users get points for testing their blood sugar and logging medications and food. Clever icons and sound effects also make mySugr Companion stand out from the crowd and put a fun spin to the tedious chore of logging.

bgMonitorDiabetes: This is only available on android via Google Play, although there is an iPhone
alternative called RapidCalc available on the iTunes store. Created by a type 1 person with diabetes,
BGMonitor works to bring the ease and functionality of an insulin pump’s Bolus Wizard Calculator to people who are on multiple daily injections. After initially entering your personal settings, users can plug in their blood sugar and carbohydrates to receive their dose calculation. The app also records the blood sugar and dose, just like an insulin pump would. BGMonitor provides insights and analyses based on the inputs to help you make any necessary adjustments.

Ontrack Diabetes: This free, app helps people with diabetes manage their condition by tracking various items such as blood glucose, food intake, medication, blood pressure (BP), pulse, exercise and weight. The app also produces charts, graphs and reports. The OnTrack app has been downloaded by more than a half million users and it has an average rating of 4.5 stars (based on 4,000 user reviews) in Google Play. It is available for android devices.