Happy Fathers Day 2016

Happy Father’s Day to all fathers but a very special salute to those father’s with Diabetes or caring for a child with Diabetes.

Dr banting and Dr Best fathers of Insulin

It is the 95th Anniversary of the discovery of Insulin at the University of Toronto by 2 great men, Dr Frederick Banting and Dr Charles Best, known as the Fathers of Insulin. Before the discovery of Insulin there was no future for people diagnosed with Diabetes.

To all the adult men in Ireland living with Diabetes, you are building on the 3 foundation stones established by the Banting & Best team


1. Education – you read our literature, posts, tweets, research and more


2. Daily Commitment – you eat well, exercise, adhere to medication programmes, monitor bloods and adapt lifestyle habits such as alcohol and smoking


3. Perseverance – You live life to the full every day and we have some amazing, inspiring stories of men with Diabetes who excel in sport, business, technology, medicine and more.


Read Inspirational stories – click on the Kevin and Stephen pictures

Kevin Nolan Gaelic Footballer Dublin & Kilmacud Croke

Stephan Clancy Cyclist Team Nova Nordisk

Stephan Clancy Cyclist Team Nova Nordisk

Alan Sothern Men's Hockey

Alan Sothern (left) Irish Men’s Hockey Team