Fundraising Ideas & Tips

Some fundraising ideas to get you started: 


Sometimes the hardest part of organising a fundraiser is coming up with the fundraising idea. Below we have a few ideas to help you out.


  • Walk, run or cycle in a local event
  • Coffee Morning
  • Table Quiz
  • Virtual Cycle
  • Fashion Show
  • Bake Sale
  • A silent or online auction
  • Dress Down Day in work or school
  • Sleep Out
  • Challenge: Do something you consider a challenge whether it’s running a marathon, climbing a mountain or waxing your legs!


Of course, you are not limited to the ideas listed above- if you have a crazy idea for a fundraiser we would love to hear it and support you in any way we can!  Email [email protected] to get sponsorship material and support for your upcoming fundraiser.



Top Tips for Organising Your Fundraiser:


  • Decide What You Want to Do

Choose one of the tried and tested ideas above or come up with your own!


  • Pick Your Date

Making sure to give your friends and family plenty of notice so they can support you on the day


  • Set Your Fundraising Goal

Make your goal known by setting up an online fundraising page at or contacting us for a sponsorship card.

  • Spread the Word!

Make sure to promote your fundraiser by telling everyone who will listen to what you’re doing and why you’re doing it! The more people who know about your fundraiser, the more people will support you!


Through our, it’s now easier than ever to reach potential supporters.


Some ideas for spreading the word:


  • Share on Social Media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn
  • Email family, friends and colleagues including a link to your online fundraising page
  • Talk at an event or mass in the local community
  • Distribute posters and flyers in your local town
  • Talk to the local press and ask if they’ll promote your fundraiser
  • Write an article for the local paper or newsletter
  • Share your fundraiser with us and we’ll happily promote it on our social media platforms and communications


  • Ask for Support

Don’t be shy about asking for donations. Many people will be happy to give money or pay a little more when they know it’s going to charity. Remember to ask family, friends, your community and colleagues to get involved in your fundraiser too. If you’re organising an event make sure to invite people along.


  • Return the Money You Raised

Now all that’s left for you is to return the money you raised to Diabetes Ireland. It’s really simple and can be done in any of the following ways: