Election 2016: What to ask your local candidates in Limerick/Galway constituencies

Ask Your Local Candidate
Today’s questions are from the Limerick/Galway area. These are are just a few questions that you could ask along with other questions or issues you may have in relation to your diabetes management.

Type 1
To implement the Paediatric Model of Care recently launched by the Minister for Health, to meet demand in Limerick & Galway, 3 consultant paediatric endocrinologists, 4 Diabetes Nurse Specialists and 3 Dietitians are required. A What will you do to provide these resources to care for our children?

Type 2
To support GPs in delivering quality care under the Type 2 Diabetes Cycle of Care scheme, more podiatrists and community diabetes nurse specialists are required. What will you do to provide a podiatrist and diabetes nurse to support GPs in my area?