Election 2016: What to ask your local candidates in Cork/Kerry constituencies

Each day this week, Diabetes Ireland will pose some further questions from around the constituencies. Today’s questions are for Cork/Kerry constituencies:
Type 1 
To implement the Paediatric Model of Care recently launched by the Minister for Health, to meet demand in Cork & Kerry, 1 consultant paediatric endocrinologist, 3 Diabetes Nurse Specialists and 1 Dietitian are required. What will you do to provide these resources to care for our children?
Type 2
Do you know 66,000 people with Type 2 diabetes have registered for the Type 2 Diabetes Cycle of Care scheme. All of these have a medical card or GP Visit card. But what about the 100,000 Type 2 diabetes population who do not qualify for the scheme. When will they get access to the Cycle of Care scheme and get equity of care?