SUSTAIN 8 – Clinical Trial in Type 2 Diabetes

Purpose of Study :This trial is looking at the addition of either a once-weekly injectable medication or a tablet for people with type 2 diabetes taking metformin only, to see if blood glucose control can be further improved. Weight loss, quality of life and other safety measurements will also be investigated.

Type of Study: Clinical Trial

Is this study actively recruiting? : Yes

Who can take part? Male or female patients who have had type 2 diabetes for at least 3 months, and who only take metformin for their diabetes. Patients must be willing to attend 9 clinic visits and take 2 phone calls over a 59-week period.

State geographical location of study (city/county/country) (single or multiple sites)
Dublin, Mallow Co. Cork

What will participants be asked to do? 
Patients will need to attend 9 clinic visits at which the following assessments will be completed at some or all visits: blood tests, electrocardiogram, physical examination, eye examination, body weight taken, blood pressure and pulse taken , and a quality of life questionnaire completed. In addition, patients will take an injection once a week and a tablet once a day for 52-weeks. Patients will also need to measure their own blood sugar readings.

Study Closure date: 27/9/2017

Study duration: 59 weeks

Study funded by: Novo Nordisk

For further information contact: The research team at St Vincent’s University Hospital (Professor Carel LeRoux). Tel: 087-940 0034 Email: [email protected]