Exercise & Diabetes – Dr Jason Gill & Dr Donal O’Gorman


face only Dr Jason GillDr. Jason Gill is a Reader in Exercise and Metabolic Health, Institute of Cardiovascular and Medical Sciences, University of Glasgow and an Associate Academic of the Institute of Health and Wellbeing.

He is speaking at our DICE conference March 24th Friday in Croke Park 09.15am.

All medical professionals in Ireland who are interested in preventing the spread of Type 2 will want to hear from Dr. Gill, especially as more nationalities move into Ireland on the back of BREXIT and global uncertainty. Certain populations appear to have a far higher risk of developing Type 2 diabetes when they gain weight and he shares interesting data on how some populations gain “Fat Cells” differently to the European white population.

His multi-disciplinary team investigates why certain population groups appear to be particularly susceptible to the adverse effects of a ‘Westernised’ lifestyle and how lifestyle interventions can modulate this excess risk particularly with respect to lipid metabolism and insulin sensitivity.

He is a member of the NICE guidelines committee for prevention of type 2 diabetes.  Jason is Director of the MSc programme in Sport and Exercise Science & Medicine at the University of Glasgow.

Diabetes – A Personal Passion & he practices what he preaches

jason gill winning at swimmingBoth his mother and father developed Type 2 Diabetes making diabetes a  passionate  topic for study. Dr  Gill is a superb swimmer achieving first place in a 26.4km swim across Lake Zurich against a global group of competitors, coming 48 minutes ahead of second place with his winning time of six hours and 52 minutes.

Jason said: “I’ve always been interested in physical activity because it is the one thing you can change to influence your health status. The only thing anyone can do to alter their risk of getting health problems is to alter their lifestyle. If we can work out how to make people more active, it could have important public health consequences.”

Donal-OGorman-smaller picture

Dr. Donal O’Gorman is Head of the 3U Diabetes Consortium at Dublin City University and he is also Associate Director of the National Institute for Cellular Biotechnology.

Dr. O’Gorman and his group have been investigating the impact of exercise on the regulation of energy metabolism in the body. This information is being used to better understand how diabetes might be prevented and treated.  He has conducted a large scale lifestyle intervention to identify biomarkers that better predict progression toward type 2 diabetes. In addition he has been studying changes in muscle cells following exercise to better understand the benefits of exercise for diabetes patients. On the other extreme he has been investigating the impact of bed rest on metabolism as part of research trials for the European Space Agency. Collectively, these studies help to get a better understanding of how activity and inactivity regulate glucose metabolism for patients with diabetes.

Donal is speaking on the role of Exercise for People with Type 2 Diabetes  –  Friday March 24th 11.00 am

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