If you are applying to college through the CAO did you know that students with type 1 diabetes can apply for the Disability Access Route to Education (DARE) admissions scheme?

It offers college places on a reduced points basis. When you fill out your CAO application online, you have the opportunity to indicate that you wish to have your condition taken into account. Ticking this box automatically redirects you to the online DARE application form (see
Please note, ticking the box does not mean you will automatically qualify for the scheme.

You must apply to the CAO by 17:15pm on February 1st, 2016. You must disclose your disability and/or specific learning difficulty in your CAO application and fully and correctly complete Section A of the Supplementary Information Form (SIF) no later than 17:15pm on March 1st, 2016.

Application advice clinics are being held all over the country starting on Saturday January 16th, 2016 (see here for list of events