Diabetes Teen Camp Barretstown May 2018

Type 1 Diabetes affects 3000 children in Ireland and is diagnosed from 6 months of age upwards and as yet has no cure. It requires intensive medical management with multiple daily injections of insulin  and the child relies heavily on
family & peer support to prevent life-threatening acute medical emergencies.
Children can feel isolated, different to their peers and become rebellious as there is
no holiday from this condition, it is 24/7 – 365 days/yr.
Finding friends of the same age with the same condition is a lifeline

May Friday 11th – Sunday 13th 2018

Diabetes Ireland is holding a Type 1 Diabetes Teenager Camp for 40 teens in Barretstown and is looking to raise €20,000 to cover the cost of this event and another children’s event in 2018.

Diabetes Ireland for the last 50 years has been providing support, education and motivation to all people affected by diabetes, raising public awareness of diabetes as well as raising funds for Irish-based research into diabetes. For children with Type 1, we organise fun events and activities with and without their parents but always with medical supervision. We work with Diabetes teams in hospitals across Ireland and they support our efforts by giving their time and expertise, often free of charge.

The aim of the camp is to foster positive attitudes to diabetes and help the children to gain confidence in managing their diabetes. There is no formal education for the children during the camp but the teenagers tend to discuss their medical devices, regimes, medical teams and they share tips and experiences.