Diabetes Education to protect tomorrow, When did you last learn about Diabetes?

This is the theme for this year’s World Diabetes Day, a day that the diabetes community come together to raise awareness of the condition.


Diabetes is a serious health issue with almost 300.000 people living with it in Ireland. A person living with diabetes needs to learn the skills to self-manage the condition daily. Self-management of diabetes requires knowledge, skills and confidence as many decisions and healthy lifestyle choices need to be made by each individual day to day for effective management.


In addition, every person with diabetes needs to attend medical check-ups at least twice a year to review their diabetes to screen for potential complications and protect against any future health problems.


For those living with diabetes, having the knowledge and skills to self-management their condition every day empowers them to live healthily, maintain and improve their quality of life and assume an active role in their diabetes care.

On World Diabetes Day, Diabetes Ireland is urging those living with diabetes to continue to keep themselves informed about diabetes to ensure they are doing all they can to manage their diabetes and protect their future health by preventing complications.

Since 1967 Diabetes Ireland has continued to provide support, information, and motivation to those living with diabetes, their families, and carers.

We in Diabetes Ireland, the only national charity supporting people living with diabetes, provide education for all those affected by diabetes:


  • Information about all aspects of living with diabetes through diabetes.ie and our social media accounts.
  • Helpline: support and information via a helpline that is available Monday-Friday 9 am-5 pm telephone 01-842 8118 or you can email [email protected] with your query.
  • Informative webinar series: we host regular educational webinars on a variety of topics on diabetes management.
  • Conferences for people living with diabetes (Health and Awareness Exhibition was hosted on November 5th, 2022.
  • Conferences for healthcare professionals: DICE, Diabetes in Pregnancy and Paediatric Conference.
  • We have podiatry Care Centres in Dublin & Cork.
  • We have a member’s magazine, as well as a professional magazine for healthcare professionals.
  • We organize diabetes awareness sessions for teachers, schools, and residential centres.
  • We provide mental health and well-being workshops.
  • We advocate for better access to structured education and diabetes technology (see Pre-Budget Submission 2023)
  • Specifically, for those living with Type 2 diabetes:


Diabetes Ireland facilitates free group education courses called CODE where all aspects of living with type 2 diabetes are discussed. This group programme is delivered online and is free to attend.


If group education is not for you, you can do a free online module, which can be done in the comfort of your own home at a convenient time. This free interactive programme known as Diabetes Smart has been recently updated to meet increasing demand from people with Type 2 diabetes who want to learn more about their condition and how to manage it effectively.


For more information, see our Type 2 Diabetes Support Programmes.


Get educated and aware of diabetes and its management. Become a member!