Dexcom Launches Dexcom One+ Bringing Innovative and Cost- Saving Diabetes Management Technology to More People in Ireland

Dexcom, a global leader in real-time continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) for people with diabetes,  announced the launch of their latest CGM system, Dexcom ONE+ in Ireland today.


Dexcom ONE+ uses Dexcom’s best-in-class and most accurate sensor design. Dexcom also incorporated feedback from end users and healthcare professionals when building Dexcom ONE+, ensuring an easy-to-use, highly effective, CGM experience for people with diabetes.


“Through our ongoing innovation and product development we are bringing the best, and most accurate, version of our technology to even more people and continuing to show our commitment to significantly expanding access to CGM for people with diabetes.” said Alex Moussa, Senior Vice President, and General Manager for Dexcom.”


The entire Dexcom CGM portfolio is now available for people living with diabetes in Ireland, from the unmatched capabilities of Dexcom G6 and G7 to help manage the health of higher-risk populations and power Hybrid Closed Loop systems (HCL) to the easy-to-use and flexible Dexcom ONE+.


Features that set Dexcom ONE+ apart from other CGM systems include multiple possibilities for personalisation and flexibility. Dexcom CGM systems offer the most discretion, with three wear location options and are the only CGM systems to offer a ‘delay first high’ option, a customisable feature which allows a user to set a time before which their sensor will not alert them to a ‘high’ glucose reading, helping to avoid alert fatigue. Furthermore, designed to fit seamlessly into a user’s life, Dexcom ONE+ also has the highest waterproof rating when compared to other CGM brands allowing users to confidently continue using their device while showering or exercising.


Dr Kate Gajewska Research & Advocacy Manager, Diabetes Ireland said “It is great to see Dexcom ONE+ being made available in Ireland, providing an even greater choice of CGM for people with diabetes. Hopefully, the HSE will make it available through the Health and Safety Executive’s (HSE) reimbursement programme for people in Ireland living with Type 1 diabetes who must continuously monitor their glucose levels on a daily basis.”


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