Dexcom G7 is now available in Ireland

Following a global launch, Dexcom has just announced that the G7 Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) system is now available in Ireland.


Dexcom G7 has the fastest sensor warmup on the market with no fingerpricks or scanning required and builds on previous versions. The Dexcom G7 System is now available for people with diabetes aged two years and older in Ireland marking the first major milestone in the availability of the revolutionary new technology.


Dexcom customers from around the world were part of the G7 design process where they were able to suggest new CGM features they need to allow them to focus more on their everyday lives and less on managing their diabetes.


The Dexcom G7 offers a powerful yet simple way to help users gain greater control of their diabetes, to help manage their condition more confidently each day. Its low-profile, all-in-one wearable warms up faster than any other CGM on the market sending real-time glucose readings automatically to a compatible smart device§ or receiver.


New features with Dexcom G7 include:

  • 60 percent smaller, all-in-one, discreet wearable, developed in partnership with Verily
  • 30-minute sensor warm-up
  • 12-hour grace period to replace finished sensors for a more seamless transition between sessions
  • Redesigned and simplified mobile app with Dexcom Clarity integration
  • Improved alert settings for enhanced discretion
  • Redesigned optional receiver that is smaller, with a more vibrant, easier-to-read display
  • Direct to Apple Watch (anticipated future software release)

It also maintained a number of Dexcom G6 features included such as Real-time glucose readings sent automatically to a compatible display device, integration with the world’s largest connected CGM ecosystem and remote monitoring, enabling users to share glucose data with up to 10 others.


From 1 October 2022, Dexcom G7 rtCGM sensors are available in Ireland through the Primary Care Reimbursement Service (PCRS). Please note that the G7 system is not yet compatible with any insulin pumps and so far, may not be used as part of the automated insulin delivery system. However, Dexcom is working closely with its insulin pump partners to integrate Dexcom G7 into current and future automated insulin delivery systems as quickly as possible. .  For further information on accessing the Dexcom G7 (CGM) system, speak to your diabetes team.


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