Developing National Paediatric Diabetes Standard of Care

Diabetes Ireland is hosting a focus group to provide an opportunity for parents of children with Type 1 Diabetes to input into the development of National Paediatric Diabetes Standards of Care

Venue: The Heritage Hotel, Portlaoise

Date:  Thursday 25 May 2017 @ 7.00pm.

We are seeking 30 parents to take part in this focus group session. Our aim is to obtain your views on what you consider constitutes good diabetes care for your child.

Do you meet the following criteria to take part in the focus group?

  1. Are you a parent of a child with Type 1 Diabetes who attends a paediatric diabetes clinic in Ireland?
  2. Is your child under 16 years of age on 1 May 2017?
  3. Would you like to participate in this focus group session?

If yes, complete the form below or ring Diabetes Ireland on 01 8428118 to register your interest.