Designing Personal Heating Wearable Devices for Limbs Coldness

Name of Study


Designing Personal Heating Wearable Devices for Limbs Coldness.


Purpose of Study

The project’s aim is to investigate the design of personal heating wearable devices that offer relief to people suffering from cold intolerance (for example, Diabetes Patients, Polio Survivors and Raynaud’s Phenomenon’s Sufferers), for whom body temperature control is a problem. Patients of these three diseases, because of their poor blood circulation combined with a range of other medical reasons, suffer from severe cold in their limbs. The first step of the research is to hold participatory design workshops with people suffering from issues with cold limbs with the aim of exploring different forms of solution, and the design issues surrounding them. Following this, is to carry out a questionnaire study to investigate how these patients currently cope with the problem of cold limbs problem, and to measure their quality of life using the standardised WHOQoL- BREF questionnaire. Previous studies in other countries have been carried out to measure the quality of life of people with the conditions mentioned above, but none have been carried out in Ireland and none have specifically addressed the impact cold intolerance has on their quality of life.



Type of Study (observational/exploratory etc.)



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Who can take part?

All people who suffer form cold intolerance, no restrictions in regards of age or sex.


What will the participants be asked to do?


First they will be asked to participate in participatory design workshops to explore the following: 1)The current strategies that patients are using to cope with their cold limb problem. 2) The cons and pros of the current strategies and technologies the patients are using. 3)The patients’ ideas about the ideal design, after introducing them to some designing materials and technologies. 4) Any other issues around their quality of life.
Second to fill an online questionnaire to measure their quality of life using the standardised WHOQoL- BREF questionnaire.
All participants will be given a 20 pound Amazon voucher to evaluate their participation.



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Study Duration

2 years



This study is funded by:

SUSI and Trinity College- school of computer and statistics.


For further information contact:


Zaynab Salman








[email protected]