Dental Care Ireland Partner with Diabetes Ireland

Dental Care Ireland, a new network of local dental practices nationwide, today launched a year-long partnership with Diabetes Ireland, the national diabetes charity.


In Ireland, it is estimated that 250,000 people are living with diabetes, 50% of whom are unaware of their condition. Diabetes is a lifelong condition and if untreated can lead to complications, including oral health problems such as gum disease.


The aim of the partnership is to raise funds towards Diabetes Ireland’s regional community support services, as well as increasing awareness about the importance of oral health care for people with diabetes.


Speaking at the launch, Dr Paul O’Dwyer, group clinical advisor, Dental Care Ireland, said: “People with diabetes can be more prone to oral health problems such as gum disease, dry mouth, poor healing and oral infections. In most cases, mouth complications can be easily treated, but a thorough dental health routine is an essential part of learning to live with the condition.”


Throughout the year, Dental Care Ireland staff across the country will work with the team at Diabetes Ireland to develop a number of fundraising and awareness initiatives, including a dedicated oral health web section, oral health information talks, and a sponsored “brushathon” to coincide with World Oral Health Day in March.


According to Jennifer Brennan, fundraising manager at Diabetes Ireland: “We are delighted to partner with Dental Care Ireland for the coming year. This partnership gives us an opportunity to raise awareness about diabetes and oral health amongst our members, supporters and the diabetes community. The funds raised through this partnership will also enable us to continue to provide much needed information, care and a range of services to help improve the lives of those affected by diabetes.”


Colm Davitt, chief executive at Dental Care Ireland, commented: “We look forward to working closely with Diabetes Ireland to develop an oral health education programme for people with diabetes and their families, while also raising much needed support funds. It is a fantastic opportunity for our staff members to fundraise in each of our local practice areas, and also to share their specialist knowledge and expertise.”


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