COS-DAP: Developing a core outcome set for diabetes after pregnancy prevention

Name of Study


COS-DAP: Developing a core outcome set for diabetes after pregnancy prevention


Purpose of Study


Diabetes After Pregnancy (DAP) often occurs in the years that follow a pregnancy complicated by Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM). Many research groups are working to develop and test DAP prevention strategies. These large and long studies require lots of funding to study the relationship between prevention strategies and DAP occurring. Smaller, shorter studies tend to use outcomes other than DAP occurring to figure out if they are effective and different studies often measure different outcomes, making it difficult to compare results. Core Outcome Set (COS) projects work to create a list of essential outcomes that need to be measured in studies to ensure the results can be used effectively.


The COS-DAP project will identify a COS for future DAP prevention studies.


If you are a healthcare professional and/or researcher, you are an expert in the management of gestational diabetes, its associated risks, and the types of interventions that may prevent diabetes after pregnancy. If you are a woman with previous gestational diabetes, you are an expert in living with and managing this condition. We are looking for experts to participate in the COS-DAP survey.


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Geographical location of study 


Online – anywhere


Who can take part?


Adults over 18 years old – women with gestational diabetes, healthcare professionals and researchers


What will the participants be asked to do?


We have put together a list of possible outcome measures based on a systematic review of previous studies.


We need your help through a two-round online Delphi survey to figure out which ones are the ‘core outcomes.’


The rounds are approximately one month apart.


Each takes an estimated 10-15 minutes and may be completed in one or multiple sittings, as you prefer.


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Study Duration


3 weeks


This study is funded by:


Canadian Institute of Health Research


For further information contact:


Dr Sharleen O’Reilly




01 7162157




[email protected]