Contour TS Field Notice

The Health Products Regulatory Authority have asked Diabetes Ireland to help them awareness that United Drug Wholesale has made an error in the supply of Contour TS test strips 50 (Code 84138096) to customers who ordered Contour test strips (Code 84669997) from 29th August 2020 to 12th October 2020.


Contour test strips are currently unavailable on the market in Ireland.


If you were in receipt of the Contour TS strips, they can be easily identified by the error message displayed on the meter when you use them.



The HPRA advises that users of a Contour Blood glucose meter for home use:


  • Check if you have received the incorrect test strips and stop using this device. If you received the wrong strips, you will get an error message every time you attempt to use one.
  • Contact the pharmacy from where you got the strips.
  • If you are using the Contour meter (does not apply to Contour NEXT) contact your healthcare professional to update your meter.
  • Contact your healthcare professional with any concerns.



For more details see – Contour Test Strips / Contour TS Test Strips