Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family.

– Kofi Annan



Group education on Type 2 diabetes is a way of learning more about YOUR condition, how you feel about your diagnosis and setting personal targets for your diabetes self-management.


Diabetes Ireland have booklets, resources, courses and group educational programmes available (supported by HSE). For further information on living with Type 2 diabetes, click here.




CODE is Diabetes Ireland’s group online education programme for people with Type 2 Diabetes or with a diagnosis of prediabetes. Each CODE programme consists of 4 sessions, The first 3 sessions are over 3 consecutive weeks, and the final session takes place 6 months later. Each session is 2 hours in duration.





Diabetes Smart is a free interactive online education course developed by Diabetes Ireland, for people diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. The Diabetes SMART programme contains six interactive modules, covering topics that explain what diabetes is, understanding the key medical information such as blood glucose levels, managing illness, and providing lots of tips on healthy eating and getting active.






There are two other group educational programmes for people living with Type 2 diabetes that are supported by the HSE in Ireland. These programmes are called DISCOVER DIABETES and DESMOND. For further information about these courses during the pandemic, click here.


If you’re a parent or guardian of a child living with Type 1 diabetes, click here for the HSE resource pack, booklets and further helpful information