Ascensia launch smarter Contour Diabetes APP



 12th December, 2017 – Ascensia Diabetes Care has announced the launch of its upgraded version of the CONTOUR®DIABETES app in Ireland. It includes the new My Patterns feature, which can more intelligently analyse blood glucose results received from the CONTOUR®NEXT ONE meter, providing personalised meaningful feedback to help improve diabetes self-management for patients. This new release will be available from today in the Apple App Store (iOS) and Google Play (Android).


The CONTOUR®DIABETES app seamlessly connects to the CONTOUR®NEXT ONE blood glucose meter. The My Patterns feature on the upgraded CONTOUR®DIABETES app analyses data received from the meter to identify and notify the user of sub-optimal patterns in their blood glucose readings. Once it has notified the user that a pattern has been identified, the CONTOUR®DIABETES app will prompt users about the possible causes of the pattern and provide guidance to help address it. It allows patients to set reminders or use testing plans to help improve their sub-optimal blood glucose patterns, and will track their progress to see if the pattern improves over time. The latest version of the app includes the ability to recognise 14 different patterns and includes 11 different structured testing plans. The app will continue to evolve in the future to include additional patterns and testing plans, as well as adding new features and functionality.


My Patterns has been developed using behavioural science concepts and is based on the Information, Motivation and Behavioural Skills model for chronic diseases that was pioneered by psychologist Dr William Fisher. The basis of this model is that people with diabetes need actionable information, motivation to act on that information and specific behavioural skills, in order to make changes that can improve the management of their diabetes. Studies that have assessed this model have demonstrated that the presence of all three elements of this model in people with diabetes are associated with more frequent blood glucose testing and improved self-management actions[i]. The My Patterns feature of the CONTOUR®DIABETES app is designed to support the user in these three areas and support more effective self-management, enabled by technology.


Heather Daly, Independent Nurse Consultant, commented: “Self-management is critical in diabetes. One of the keys to effective diabetes self-management for patients is to provide them with tools that can help them to understand how their lifestyle or activities affect their diabetes and how they can make adjustments. Digital and mobile technologies have significant potential to assist people with diabetes improve their self-management behaviours through personalised solutions. The new CONTOUR®DIABETES app represents a real advance in the use of data for diabetes management by identifying sub-optimal patterns and providing tailored reminders that can support patients in making improvements.”


Ros Barker, Country Head UK and Ireland for Ascensia Diabetes Care, said: “This latest upgrade to the CONTOUR®DIABETES app provides patients with a smarter tool that can help to make the self-management of their diabetes easier. We are very excited to be able to bring this new innovation to people with diabetes. At Ascensia we are listening to feedback from people with diabetes about their needs, and are continuing to invest in the further development of the CONTOUR®DIABETES app, so that we can provide solutions that make diabetes self-management better, easier and smarter.”


The CONTOUR®NEXT ONE blood glucose monitoring system has remarkable accuracy and published study data has shown that it exceeds the EN ISO 15197:2015 accuracy criteria[ii] in both the laboratory and clinical setting. The study showed that 95% of results were within ±0.47 mmol/L or ±8.4% of the laboratory reference values for glucose concentrations <5.55 mmol/L or ≥ 5.55 mmol/L respectively, when tested via subject obtained fingerstick results[iii].


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