Another excellent turnout for our latest webinar on “Protecting my Kidneys from Diabetes”


Another excellent turnout of over 220 people for the latest webinar in the Diabetes Ireland webinar series. The topic for the webinar was “Protecting my kidneys from Diabetes” with guest speaker Professor Austin Stack, Consultant Nephrologist at University Hospital Limerick.


Professor Stack discussed the important role that kidneys have and the factors that increase the risk of chronic kidney disease (CKD) in diabetes. He described how chronic kidney disease is detected and the importance of routine blood and urine tests that are used to screen for kidney disease. He emphasised the importance of multi-disciplinary care when it comes to the management of diabetes and kidney disease and how overall health behaviours to manage blood glucose, blood pressure, and cholesterol, leading a healthy lifestyle and not smoking can go a long way towards protecting your future kidney health. He discussed the various stages of kidney disease and treatments for the same.



















Some feedback received from our viewers:


“I thought the Professor was brilliant and I didn’t want the talk to end. Very helpful information about a topic I had no idea was so important. Thank you so much.”


“I am aware of the importance of monitoring my overall health and not just my blood sugars.”


“I am more aware of the importance of continuous monitoring by my GP with blood and urine tests and those overall healthy behaviours can have a positive impact on my long-term health.”


“I was not aware of the dangers of taking anti-inflammatory medication over a long period of time”


This webinar was organised as part of wider Diabetes Ireland’s campaign around awareness of chronic kidney disease which was launched in partnership with the Irish Kidney Association. To learn more, visit:


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