Aer Lingus responds positively to Diabetes Ireland’s advocacy intervention

A concerned parent of a child with diabetes and a member of Diabetes Ireland contacted us recently to highlight their, and other parents’, concerns regarding the information on the Aer Lingus website about the carriage of medical devices.


As we read on the Aer Lingus website, it stated that a ‘diabetic pump’ could not be ‘carried on board or used on board’, which raised concerns among those who travel with Aer Lingus and use insulin pumps. However, although a ‘diabetic pump’ was forbidden, an ‘infusion pump’ was not.


Diabetes Ireland contacted Aer Lingus to seek clarification on this issue as it was a cause for concern for all people with Type 1 diabetes using insulin pumps (continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion) – as disconnecting them for the time of the flight could negatively affect their treatment outcomes.


Aer Lingus considered the issue, and we are pleased to confirm that, the wording has been revised and updated. The term ‘diabetic pump’ has been removed, and this piece now states that “insulin pumps and continuous glucose monitors” are “permitted for use on board the aircraft provided it can be placed in Flight Mode”. This is in accordance with other aircrafts standards and recommendations from the companies producing the above-mentioned devices. See this link to familiarise yourself with what the current rules are:


We would like to thank the concerned parent for reaching out to us and making us aware of the issue, and Aer Lingus for positively responding in a timely manner.


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