Accessing and using diabetes health services: The ‘Patient Experience’ Survey

Do you have diabetes and receive your diabetes care in Ireland?

Or are you a parent/carer of a child/adolescent with diabetes living and receiving diabetes care in Ireland?

We often hear from the members of the diabetes community that access to diabetes health services is not the same in different parts of Ireland, that the waiting lists for diabetes education, accessing diabetes technology, transition or an appointment with the specialist (podiatrist, dietitian, psychologist) are long and sometimes the services are not available at all. From others, we hear that the services that they receive are excellent, timely, and of great quality, with no delays.



We would like to learn from your personal ‘patient experience’ and see if there are any gaps or challenges that people with diabetes (and carers/parents of children and adolescents living with diabetes) face or whether you feel well cared for in a timely and quality manner. We would also like to investigate whether the COVID-19 pandemic has affected your care delivery and whether it was all back on track in 2022.



Therefore, we would like to invite you to take part in an anonymous online survey, which aims to describe the current availability and accessibility of diabetes care for people with diabetes in Ireland, provided in primary (hospital) and secondary (general practice) care. Through this survey, conducted in cooperation with researchers from RCSI, we would like to see whether people living with diabetes avail of diabetes services and access and use recommended screening programs and/or clinical annual reviews.



The survey will take approx. 10 – 15 minutes of your time, but it will significantly help the diabetes community in Ireland. The findings of this survey, presented in a form of a report, will inform the decision-makers, politicians, healthcare professionals, other key stakeholders – and most importantly – you and other members of the diabetes community in Ireland.


If you are interested and willing to participate,


Please read the PARTICIPANT INFORMATION LEAFLET by clicking here,



Familiarise yourself with the CONSENT FORM by clicking here,


Click here to access the survey


Once you open the link and complete the online consent form, the survey will begin. The data collection takes three weeks. 


The survey will be closed on the 5th of February 2023.


For more information e-mail [email protected] or call Diabetes Ireland at 01 8428118.