Abbott Launches New Integrated Digital Solution for People with Diabetes in Ireland

Abbott today announced its FreeStyle LibreLink app is now compatible with Novo Nordisk’s smart connected insulin pens in Ireland, which will help reduce the burden associated with diabetes management and personalise care for thousands of people living with diabetes.


People using Abbott’s updated Freestyle LibreLink app and NovoPen 6 and NovoPen Echo Plus devices will now be able to easily view glucose and insulin dosing data together. People can also opt to share their integrated data with their healthcare team through LibreView the cloud-based data system, enabling more informed, data-driven consultations to support personalised care.


This product integration reflects Abbott’s commitment to make diabetes management easier by linking key technologies such as sensor-based glucose monitoring and smart connected insulin pens.


With this new integration, people living with diabetes are able to transfer insulin data from their smart connected pens and quickly see how medication, food and physical activity are impacting their glucose levels, helping them decide when and how much insulin to take.


Insulin dosage history is recorded in the FreeStyle LibreLink app, showing the time and the amount taken, alongside glucose levels. This information could help prevent insulin stacking, which is when a person uses rapid-acting insulin, multiple times at close intervals, which can result in low glucose levels.


Kieran O’Leary, Chief Executive Officer at Diabetes Ireland said: “It’s great to see companies coming together to help make day-to-day management easier for people with diabetes and their healthcare teams. Broader access to technology brings undeniable benefits to people with diabetes and this is another positive step in relation to improving the connection.”


Neil Harris, General Manager of Abbott’s diabetes care business in the UK and Ireland said: “Access to diabetes data empowers people by removing some of the guesswork related to the relentless management of the condition. Abbott is continuing to pave the way for the future of diabetes core, not only through continuous innovation of the FreeStyle Libre systems but also by working with Novo Nordisk and other insulin device companies to help further remove some of the daily burdens for people with diabetes.”


Abbott is also partnering with several leading insulin pump manufacturers to develop integrated diabetes solutions aimed at simplifying and improving diabetes management. The combination of the company’s glucose sensing technology with insulin delivery and digital coaching leaders can have a meaningful impact on the lives of people living with diabetes by providing them with technology that helps them personalise their care.