A Type 1 Diabetes Personal Story-Stephen Floyd

Stephen Floyd  has Type 1 Diabetes and is running this year’s Dublin Marathon for Team Diabetes Ireland. Stephen was kind enough to share his personal story with us.

“My name is Stephen Floyd.  I am 44 years old. I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes on March 8th 2005. 12 Years on I have decided to give something back to this great organisation so I am embarking on a major task this year in my life (one of the bucket list), The Dublin City Marathon.

Diabetes Ireland have provided me with support throughout the years and helped me understand the condition I have. During the last 12 years I found it difficult to be motivated with the condition. My weight was increasing and blood sugars were sometimes uncontrollable. Although I was active I still found it hard at times to manage my diabetes even though at the regular check-ups, I always got the thumbs up. About 3 years ago I started running and I never looked back. I have the bug now. I would encourage anyone to take up running. You don’t have to a fast runner, just get up and go. I would recommend the couch to 5k programme.  Most running clubs have these programmes and you get to meet new friends. Also go to your local Parkrun. This is another way to get fit and meet new faces. I recently completed my 50th parkrun and each time I cross that finish line I get the sense of achievement. I completed various 5k or 10ks in these 3 years and completed the Dublin series in 2016 (my 1st ever half marathon) and have signed up again this year. The ‘buzz’ on the days of the race is great and everyone is in great spirit even if they moan about the hills they face. This year I have stepped up and decided to run the 42kms around the streets of Dublin.

A group of us went to Liverpool to run the Rock’n Roll Half Marathon. Again I met new people and we really wanted to change the scenery so why not Liverpool. It gave me a chance to wear my Team Diabetes t-shirt for the 1st time too. I also spoke with runners who were running for Diabetes UK. We all shared our war stories but we all agreed the condition doesn’t get us down.

In 2016 I moved over to the insulin pump and my life got 100% better. I am now able to manage my diabetes better with the pump by counting Carbs rather than sugar. I have just recently started using the Freestyle Libre which is helping me see the patterns of my sugar levels and is great when I am out running. Although I know the signs when I have a high or low blood sugar I find the Freestyle Libre is a great aid to identify when my levels can drop or increase.