A Powerful Alliance: Dexcom G7 Now Connects to Tandem T:Slim X2

Dexcom announced today the Dexcom G7 Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) System now connects with the t:slim X2™ insulin pump by Tandem Diabetes Care in countries across Europe and South Africa. The system combines the power and accuracy of Dexcom G7 with the discretion of the Tandem t:slim X2.


“AID systems offer life-changing technology to people living with Type 1 diabetes,” said Dr Emma Wilmot Associate Professor, University of Nottingham. “Empowering those living with diabetes to manage their own condition and offering them the very best technology we can is vital for diabetes care. We know that when people combine real-time CGM and a pump to create an AID system they spend more time in range, experience fewer incidences of hypoglycaemia and enjoy greater peace of mind.”


Due to its 30-minute sensor warmup* the Dexcom G7 is the fastest CGM connected to the t:slim X2 insulin pump, meaning that those using a Dexcom G7 can spend more time benefiting from their AID system than with any other CGM. Dexcom G7 users can also share glucose data with loved ones and care teams in real-time through industry-leading remote monitoring capabilities.‡


“As we celebrate our 10-year partnership with Dexcom, we remain committed to sustaining our rapid pace of innovation to further our mission of helping improve the lives of people with diabetes around the world,” said John Sheridan, President, and Chief Executive Officer of Tandem Diabetes Care. “We’re actively engaged with our local distributors, supporting their efforts to make this exciting new integration available for new customers and to existing t:slim X2 pump users via remote software updates as quickly as possible.”


Tandem is working with local distributors in various countries, including Ireland, to support the launch of the t:slim X2 insulin pump with Dexcom G7 integration and the delivery of remote software updates for current eligible t:slim X2 users. Timing of new product shipments and pump software updates will vary by country and will take place throughout the first three months of 2024.


Kieran O’Leary, CEO, of Diabetes Ireland said: “It’s great to see companies working together to develop AID systems that will no doubt make day-to-day management easier for people with Type 1 diabetes. This is another positive step we are seeing in relation to combining technologies and I welcome the willingness of companies to work together to offer new solutions to support people with diabetes.


To learn more and to get started with Dexcom G7 and the Tandem t:slim X2 insulin pump, visit https://www.dexcom.com/en-GB/integrations-and-connectivity/insulin-pumps/t-slim