MULLINGAR – Diabetes Spring Meeting Sunday 23 April

Improved diabetes control equals improved quality of life

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Good diabetes management is vital for continued good health and long life. Good diabetes management starts with understanding the impact poorly controlled diabetes can have on one’s quality of life.

To help patients improve control of their condition, Diabetes Ireland is hosting its National Spring meeting in Mullingar Park Hotel, Mullingar, Co. Westmeath on Sunday 23 April at 2pm.

Dr Anna Clarke, Diabetes Ireland comments “diabetes affects people from all walks of life and from the very young to the very old. This means that the needs of people at different times of their lives vary significantly and rather than have a “one size fits all” meeting, we are running separate themed education workshops for people with Type 1 diabetes and for people with Type 2 diabetes. This ensures that the information provided is relevant to their current day to day lives and any issues and concerns they may have on their long term health”.

The overall purpose of the meeting is to educate and inform people on how best to control their condition emotionally and practically and through action, manage their future health.

The Type 1 Diabetes Workshop will focus on encouraging people to adapt a whole body approach to protecting their health through setting and meeting personal health targets and understanding how personal emotional and practical lifestyle choices impacts on long term health.

The Type 2 Diabetes Workshop will focus on staying healthy with Type 2 diabetes. It will set out the new Government food pyramid recommendations and their impact on healthy eating for people with Type 2 diabetes and highlight the importance of setting personal health targets and how to make practical lifestyle choices to improve long term health.

For women with diabetes and their partners who are, or maybe, considering starting a family in the future, there will be a special one-off workshop on Pregnancy and Diabetes. The workshop will provide an opportunity for women with diabetes to understand the importance of planning, how to plan and prepare and work with their diabetes team to ensure they have a successful pregnancy.

As part of its 50th birthday celebrations of the charity, Diabetes Ireland is also hosting a medal awards ceremony for 11 people who have lived well with diabetes for 50 years.

Kieran O’Leary, CEO, Diabetes Ireland said “this is a day to celebrate life with diabetes and to see just how far technology has come in terms of improving management of diabetes. Prior to the discovery of insulin, people who developed diabetes had no future but today with new technologies, medications and more knowledge of the condition, people with diabetes can live a full life and this is what we are promoting and celebrating”.

 “We have pulled together a strong line-up of speakers for this meeting and people with diabetes in Westmeath and surrounding counties, should not miss this opportunity to hear and learn from the experts” Dr Clarke added.

Diabetes Ireland invite you to attend this meeting –

To register telephone  1850 909 909/ 01 8428118. Registration costs €5 per person.