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  • General Sick Day Guidance for Type 2 Diabetes

    If you have diabetes and are feeling unwell, your blood glucose levels will rise which makes it more difficult to fight illness. With Type 2 diabetes, you need to know which medications to alter if not eating – check with your pharmacist if any of the tablets or injections you are taking should be altered... View Article

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  • General Sick Day Guidance for Type 1 Diabetes

    As COVID-19 concerns rise, Diabetes Ireland remind people with diabetes particularly those on insulin therapy to check they have a stock of ketone test strips and check that they are in date and know how to interpret the result, please see Sick Day Leaflet – Type 1 for more information. This information is a general... View Article

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  • Diabetes & COVID-19 – Social Gatherings or Academic/Work Events

    Diabetes Ireland have received numerous calls re Covid-19 and attending social gatherings or academic/work events.   The advice for people with diabetes is to take all precautionary measures as outlined on https://www2.hse.ie/conditions/coronavirus/protect-yourself.html , to maintain good glucose control, eat a balanced healthy diet, maintain physical activity outdoors where possible and ensure they have a sick... View Article

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