Workplace Wellness Programme

Health Awareness for Workplace Wellness

  • Diabetes awareness & screening days are run by health professionals with vast clinical experience and specialist knowledge in diabetes & healthy living.
  • We offer Health talks, Health talks with Screenings, Screenings alone – on full days, half-days or multiple days/shifts.
  • Health Check Options include Height, Waist, BMI, Weight, Blood Pressure, Blood Glucose,  Cholesterol. We customise workplace wellness packages after chatting by phone about your workforce.
  • One-on-one advice is provided and time is allotted to high and moderate risk personnel. Results are immediate and confidential.
  • We supply all diabetes support literature and if your staff are diagnosed with diabetes, we run education courses nationwide.
  • We create an interesting space in your workplace using communication posters, videos and food packaging samples to stimulate engagement and aid learning.
  • We aim to create a fun, interactive and motivational event.

Let’s Talk

“Many thanks to Diabetes Ireland for completing on-site Type 2 Diabetes Health Screening for our employees…. It generated great interest as it was completed in a subtle but visible area in the canteen. Due to the level of interest shown by our employees, Sinead Powell, Dietitian, followed up a few weeks later with a talk on Type 2 Diabetes Awareness which was excellent Thanks to all your team.”
“The testing was very quick and staff were delighted with getting the results immediately. There was genuine positive feedback from everyone who screened and high motivation levels for healthier choices after the day.”Manpower Dublin “we were delighted to see a greater turnout than expected for the glucose screenings …the waist circumference measuring tapes made for great fun! …..prevention was our greatest take-away message… eat well, exercise regularly, stay lean and look after yourself. We were all motivated”.

Customised packages to suit your budget

    • Type 2 Diabetes is a slow progressive condition
    • It can take up to 12 years for symptoms to show and to get a diagnosis and typically occurs over 40 years of age but
    • the condition can be developing from our 20’s while we are in the workplace – Know The Risk Factors
    • In 2016, we identified 9.7% of employees in Workplaces with High Blood Glucose and referred them onward for further treatment


Risk factors you can alter

Over-weight possibly from sitting too long at work and home, eating too many calories especially from sugary, fatty & processed foods and not knowing the danger of excess weight to health (a BMI > 27 is a risk factor for Type 2)


Unfit possibly from sitting too long in front of TV or at work, time-poor and not realising the importance of exercise to good health (minimum recommended levels are 30 mins activity, 5 times per week)


Additional Risk factors for Type 2

Age risk increases after 40 years of age.

Genetics parent, brother, sister diagnosed with Type 2.

Pre-existing diagnosis – blood pressure, high cholesterol, stroke, heart attack, poor circulation.

Gestational Diabetes


‘A very informative day with Diabetes Ireland. Employees seemed very happy with the whole set-up. The food table was particularly interesting and horrifically enlightening. It created very interesting discussions around the room. The 3 members of Diabetes Ireland were so helpful and informative’ Clonmel Company


“The Diabetes awareness and screening day event which took place recently here on-site attracted great attention and almost 200 of our staff were screened and many more who benefited from the  educational information on Type 2 diabetes and healthy living. The food posters and healthy messages created a buzz of conversation. A practical and smooth-running event that we hope to be repeating” Galway Company

The Irish Time carried an article in January 2018 featuring one of our 2017 partners Lidl with whom we assessed 1055 Lidl customers  – “Showing they care about the physical health of their workers is another way companies create a better culture, as well as reduce absenteeism due to ill-health. Lidl puts a significant focus on looking after the physical health of its employees. “We’ve placed a huge emphasis in recent years on nationwide screening programmes for cardiac problems and diabetes – both of which are unfortunately risk areas for the demographic of a workforce such as ours,” says Maeve McCleane, HR director for Lidl Ireland and Northern Ireland”.

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