BD Needle Clipping & Storage Device


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The BD Safe-Clip™ Needle Clipping & Storage Device removes insulin syringe needles and pen needles safely and easily.

Capacity of container: 1500 clipped needles of between gauges 28g and 30g and lengths 5mm to 12.7mm

Disposal of container: The rules and regulations regarding sharps disposal may be different in towns and counties around the country, so check with your local health department on the rules and regulations pertaining to your area. If, as a last resort, you choose to put your BD Safe-Clip needle clipping and storage device in the household rubbish, do not place it in a recycling bin, as they are not recyclable.

Note: It is not licensed for use to clip lancets.

Nail clipper and storage

The device is used to  make the syringe unusable by clipping off the needle which is automatically and safely retained within the clipper. To dispose of the full container, seal the lid securely and follow local guidelines for safe disposal of clinical waste