Diabetes (ICE) ID Cards

If you are living with Diabetes an In Case of Emergency card can provide peace of mind. Your In Case of Emergency Card (ICE) will always be in a purse or wallet and will discreetly communicate diagnosis of diabetes as well as any other medical information if needed. It works like an id necklace or bracelet but we think it’s a better option. It has clear printed text, that is easy to read at a glance and will always be with you in your wallet or purse (whereas people tell us they feel labelled by wearing the id bracelet or chain all the time).
* It will hold important family contact names and numbers

* Have the cardholders name, photo and phone no

* Can indicate if insulin dependent

* Can contain individual messages ie Type 1 or Type 2 – so a first responder can assist easily and quickly.

*Gives peace of mind to relatives knowing someone can assist when needed.

*Key-ring fobs also available to alert medics to card in wallet