Mindfulness may make Diabetes easier

An interesting statistic, according to Elaine Hanlon, Counsellor and Psychotherapist with Diabetes Care Centre in Dublin, is that 90% of our unhappiness comes from our thoughts rather than our circumstances.

Mindfulness helps to make Diabetes easier

Mindfulness is proven to help manage stress and negative thoughts. People living with Diabetes can become stressed. On this basis, we launched a Counselling and Psychotherapy service in our Diabetes Care Centre in Santry  and it is proving popular. Elaine Hanlon, Counsellor and Psychotherapist, joined the team.

Mindfulness is a process of bringing your mind into the present moment, away from your thoughts and away from stress.  Stress and Negative Thoughts affect blood sugar levels. When we are stressed, angry, frustrated or fearful, our body produces hormones and these hormones alter glucose levels, undermining your best food plan, medicine schedule and exercise regime efforts.

Simple mindfulness strategies include:

  • A focus on breathing
  • Concentrate on small things, like turning the key in a lock
  • Be conscious of everything around you, especially nature
  • Be patient, let things unfold
  • Trust yourself and your feelings
  • Non-judgement of others and yourselves
  • Avoid striving – not even to do well at mindfulness

Acceptance is a key part of mindfulness and this can be particularly hard for people with a diagnosis of diabetes. ‘Don’t deny how things are right now, Accept’ says Elaine, ‘bad days follow good days.

‘If you can let go of a little you can have a little happiness; If you can let go of a lot, you will have great happiness; If you can let go of everything, you will be free’’    Ajahn Chah


Diabetes Care Centre Counselling Service

If you feel you are struggling with any area of your life and could do with a little help why not give Elaine a call for an initial conversation or to make an appointment.

Cost: 1 hour €60 (includes membership) Subsequent appointments cost €55.

We provide a private and comfortable setting and all sessions are carried out within strict codes of confidentiality.

To book an appointment CALL Elaine Hanlon, 087- 1046880

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Diabetes Ireland:  01-8428118