Organise your own event!

Organising you own fundraising event is fun, rewarding, and allows us to continue supporting those in Ireland living with diabetes. If you have never done this before, don’t worry. We are here to help you get started and support you throughout your event. 
There are hundreds of ways to fundraise. Find something that you will enjoy doing and work for you. Here are some ideas:

  • Do a parachute jump
  • Organise a head shave or leg waxing fundraising event
  • Participate in local fun runs and marathons
  • Organise a Talent competition or karaoke night
  • Organise a head shave or leg waxing fundraising event
  • Organise a quiz or race night
  • Organise a Tea/Coffee Morning at home for your friends or in work for your colleagues. 
  • Organise a lunchtime stroll for your work colleagues and charge them a fee to participate.
  • Why not ask your employer to match the fund raised from your colleagues ?
  • Have a poker night with your friends, charge an entry fee or have the winnings going to the Diabetes Ireland
  • Become a chef for the evening and invite 10 friends to dinner at €20 per person.

Don’t forget to talk to us about your event. We are always happy to give advice and help with promotion materials such as posters, sponsorship cards etc.