Kilimanjaro Trek 2019

Rhino in front of Kilimanjaro mountain

Diabetes Ireland are returning to Kilimanjaro!


After our incredibly successful trek in 2017, we are returning to Tanzania once again to tackle the famous Mt Kilimanjaro.


The trip will take place from Saturday September 21st to Tuesday October 1st.


This 10 day trip will include 7 days of trekking to reach the roof of Africa and all the incredible views that go along with it! The climb is challenging and rewarding in equal measures and all the hard work is worth the feeling of achievement once you reach the top. In 2017, our entire group reached the summit, a feat we are looking to achieve again this year!


We have been running successful treks to Kilimanjaro for over a decade and like our previous treks, we will have a full Irish medical team who have specialised in diabetes with us for the entire climb.


To obtain a brochure with full details on our upcoming trip, please register your interest by emailing Cheyenne at [email protected] or by calling (01) 8428118