Sky Dive Challenge

Skydive IrelandThe 10,000ft Sky Dive Challenge

Are you brave enough to leap from 10,000ft and freefall at 200km/hr?
If you are, why not take the Diabetes Ireland 10,000ft Sky Dive Challenge.

Challenge accepted, what do I do next?

Skydive Ireland have a webpage for anybody wishing to skydive for Diabetes Ireland. Follow this link, register with Skydive Ireland and find all the details you need on your skydive

When and where can I skydive?

Skydiving takes place from March to October, Monday to Sunday in different venues across Ireland. Skydive Ireland have excellent availability given their skydiving clubs are Ireland’s only full time Skydiving Providers.
To select a Skydive date/venue just call 1850 940 222 and check availability.
How Much Do I Need To Fundraise?

Fundraising target: €480

The cost of your Skydive (€240) is deducted and the other €240 plus all additional funds is forwarded to Diabetes Ireland. Reach this minimum fundraising target and you get to participate in a 10,000ft Tandem Freefall Skydive. You can also choose to donate ALL of the funds raised and pay for the skydive yourself directly at the reduced rate of €240.