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Diabetes Ireland is the nationwide charity working to prevent Prediabetes & Type 2 Diabetes. 60% of adults living in Ireland are overweight or obese, significantly increasing the risk of Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, dementia, mental-health issues and cancers.

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irish-distillers-logo‘Sinead provided information on diabetes and healthy lifestyle tips throughout the day. The testing was very quick and staff were delighted with getting the results immediately. There was genuine positive feedback from everyone who screened and high motivation levels for healthier choices after the day.’

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Manpower Dublin “we were delighted to see a greater turnout than expected for the glucose screenings …the waist circumference measuring tapes made for great fun! …..prevention was our greatest take-away message… eat well, exercise regularly, stay lean and look after yourself. We were all motivated”. 


Results are Immediate.

Diabetes Ireland provide corporate workplace wellness talks and diabetes blood glucose  screening in workplaces. Type 2 Diabetes is a slow progressive condition, it can take up to 12 years to show symptoms and get a diagnosis and typically occurs over 40 years of age but the risk factors have developed from the start of the working career. This can mean that the condition is developing from our 20’s while we are in the workplace.

cork county council logo “staff were delighted with how easy the test was and how quick the results were available. During the testing, it became apparent that many people worry about diabetes but won’t necessarily take the step to visit their GP. It encouraged talk within the workplace on diet, health and eating habits and encouraged many to start leading a more active lifestyle”

We accommodate shift work. 


” the healthy working lives lunchtime talk was excellent,  very informative and having an expert like Sinead on hand to answer questions was brilliant.  The guidance and advice offered was educational to staff not only to themselves personally but also fitted our company values of being your brother’s keeper”

A healthy workplace can reduce sick days by up to 27% and broader absenteeism by 20%. Absenteeism in Ireland cost businesses €1.5 billion annually and we welcome companies like you establishing wellness programmes.

CSo alone“We cannot praise highly enough the value of information received from Pauline Lynch, Diabetes Ireland, at our Well-being lunchtime talk ….the practical tips and advice offered are invaluable… healthy eating and regular exercise can make such a difference in lowering our risk of diabetes” 

“Many thanks to Diabetes Ireland for completing on-site Diabetic Type 2 Health Screening for our employees. The testing took approximately 15 minutes and was carried out in a highly professional manner.  It generated great interest as it was completed in a subtle but visible area in the canteen. Due to the level of interest shown by our employees, Sinead Powell, a Dietitian from Diabetes Ireland followed up a few weeks later with a  talk on Type 2 Diabetes Awareness which was excellent and all attendees found it very beneficial. Thanks to all your team – we really appreciated you coming on site and raising awareness on this very important health topic.

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  • Before the event, we provide communications for your canteen or public area TV screens or Intranet site. These communications focus on small step changes for a healthier lifestyle such as food swops, visuals of high-sugar content foods, motivational quotes along with diabetes information.


  • At our Health Check events, staff complete a written risk assessment with our professional before the health checks commence.. We offer Height, Waist circumference, BMI & Weight checks along with Blood Pressure and Blood Glucose. Clients record their own results and may develop goals from these results. We maintain a record for post-event analysis and reporting. All client data is confidential. We are happy to work with in-house medical teams.


  • We provide stand-alone Health Talks or Health Checks with an accompanying talk.

Are you at risk?

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Meet our Team.        

Sinead Powell, Dietitian, (Northeast Region) has 20 years of experience in acute and community settings mainly in the area of diabetes both in Ireland and the UK. Since joining Diabetes Ireland in 2007, Sinead has worked to develop diabetes services and raise diabetes awareness in the HSE NorthEastern Region.  She has developed and co-ordinated the CODE educational programme for people with Type 2 diabetes and has conducted numerous Workplace Wellness days in companies across the North East and Dublin city. She is a member of the Irish Nutrition and Dietetic Institute (INDI) and long standing member of the Diabetes Interest Group (DIG) of the INDI.

Jenny Dunbar, Diabetes Nurse Specialist (Mid-Leinster Region) with 20 years experience working in the diabetes sector in Ireland.  In 2007 she joined Diabetes Ireland as lead for co-ordinating structured  education for people with Type 2 diabetes.  She has been involved in many Workplace Wellness days and has run health promotions in schools, screenings and public community events.  She is an advocate for people with diabetes on numerous bodies and the local and national media.

Pauline Dunne, Senior Dietitian, (Western region) with 15 years experience working in in both health promotion and primary care services.  Pauline joined Diabetes Ireland in 2013 and is currently lead for a government funded project focusing on provision of information and awareness sessions for service providers in the intellectual disability sector. In addition she delivers structured education to people with type 2 diabetes and health promotion initiatives in the wider community such as with community groups, pharmacies, and workplaces. She is a member of the Irish Nutrition and Dietetic Institute (INDI) and of the Diabetes Interest Group (DIG) of the INDI.

Clair Naughton, Diabetes Nurse Specialist, (North Western Region) has 15 years experience working in acute settings in Ireland, New Zealand, Australia including a post as clinical facilitator with the Mater Hospital Diabetes Centre. Clair joined Diabetes Ireland in 2013, where she co-ordinates and delivers our structured education  programme and raises awareness of diabetes through community programmes, public meetings and employee health initiatives. She has developed patient information booklets and acts as a media spokesperson and patient advocate for her area. She is also a member of the Irish Diabetes Nurse Specialist Association.

Pauline Lynch, (Southern Region).  joined  Diabetes Ireland in 2004, on secondment from a senior position in the HSE. She is a well-known advocate for people with diabetes in the southern region ensuring equitable access to quality diabetes services and raising awareness of diabetes from creche to retired active groups and from disadvantaged to specialist professionals in her community.

Head of the Workplace Wellness Team


Dr. Anna Clarke is Health Promotion and Research Manager with Diabetes Ireland, based in Dublin and has been with the charity for 16 years. She was part of the development team for the Galway University Health Promotion Module and is also an adjunct Lecturer in University College Dublin. She has an in-depth knowledge on Diabetes and has extensive contacts and support within the Health Care, Patient Support Groups and Political sector.  Her main focus is as an advocate for people with diabetes on the National Diabetes Working Group, National Paediatric Working Group and CAWT. She appears frequently as a media spokesperson for Diabetes Ireland.

Corporate Social Responsibility: Proceeds from our Workplace Wellness Programme allow us to offer innovative education in hard copy, web and video format and in person to groups and individuals, living with or at risk of Diabetes throughout Ireland. Education & Motivation are the best long-term solution to prevention.

Charity Governance: In 2016, Diabetes Ireland is entering its 50th year of operation. Annual Reports are published on line and are discussed at our members Annual General Meeting. Diabetes Ireland adheres to all charity governance regulations. Read our 5 year strategy document here.

According to the World Health Organisation, everyone benefits from taking greater care of their health in the workplace-

Benefits to the company Benefits to the Workforce
healthy staff portray a healthy image healthy, fit, happy people
improved staff morale enhanced self-esteem
a happy workforce stay longer, reducing recruitment costs less stressed and sense of well-being
reduced absenteeism – increased productivity improved morale –  group exercise activities within work
reduced health care/insurance costs love the job and refer friends
reduced staff legal issues more mindful of their health