Weddings, Wills and Legacies

Wedding Favours

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding. Some people choose to make a donation to a charity that is close to them in lieu of wedding favours. We will provide personalised, elegantly designed cards or scrolls to let your guest know about your donation.
For more information call 01 842 8118 or email [email protected]

Wills and legacies

We understand that making a will is a very personal decision and your loved ones come first. Some people do choose to leave a gift to a cause that is close to them or their loved ones. Choosing to leave a gift in your will to Diabetes Ireland can make a massive difference to those living in Ireland with diabetes and bring us nearer to a cure.

To talk to us about this method of giving please call our fundraising team on 01 842 8118 or email us at [email protected]