National Diabetes Cup 2020…We Need Your Help!

The National Diabetes Cup is a fantastic fun family day, and provides a great way for your son or daughter to meet and play with other young people living with Type 1 Diabetes.



Why we need your help


The National Diabetes Cup is planned for Saturday 22nd August, and costs €20,000 to run.



So far we’ve managed to secure €7,000, but we need your help to raise the rest. Will you help us raise €10,000 to make sure this year’s National Diabetes Cup takes place?




There are lots of ways in which you can fundraise for us, including:



  • Host a coffee morning
  • Organise a table quiz
  • Do something you consider a challenge whether it’s running a marathon, climbing a mountain or waxing your legs!
  • Make a donation at




We will provide you with all the fundraising tips, advice and support.



Email [email protected] or call 01-8428118






Thank You