ARC+ Challenge in aid of Diabetes Ireland

Our ARC+ Fundrasiers story!


Our ARC+ Challenge fundraisers have spent the last few weeks racing across the Atlantic to raise money for Diabetes Ireland. Their journey began on the 11th of November were they set sail from Las Palmas, heading towards Cape Verde. After a brief stop off inĀ  Cape Verde, they set off once again towards St Lucia in the Caribbean were they arrived on the 6th of December.


Overall, the team were travelling 4,000 nautical miles over 5 weeks. This included sailing from Porto to Las Palmas for the start of the race.


L-R: Gerry, Deirdre, Dolores, Gerard


Managing their blood glucose levels


To make a difficult challenge even harder, both Deirdre and Gerry have diabetes and are insulin dependent. This means that on top of the physical and mental challenge involved in living on a boat for 5 weeks, Deirdre and Gerry had to ensure their blood glucose levels remained within normal limits.


The pair managed to keep good control of their bloods through a continuous glucose monitoring device. This device proved to be extremely useful after Deirdre fell ill while sailing from Cape Verde to St Lucia. The members of her team were able to check her blood glucose level on her phone without waking her up. However, Deirdre also learned an important lesson, as she forgot to charge her phone one day and therefore the alarm did not sound to let her know her blood glucose level had dropped to 2.8. Luckily, she was okay and there were no other incidences like that!


Both Gerry and Deirdre found they were using less insulin in the hotter climate. This came with a learning curve, trying to figure out when to adjust their insulin or calibrate their devices.


Although it was not an easy few weeks for the team, and there were some challenges with monitoring their blood glucose levels, the team enjoyed every minute of their journey! Congratulations on the amazing achievement guys!


You can show your support to the team through their Everydayhero page.