Covid-19 & Diabetes: Questions & Answers


For the latest government guidelines for the general public on Covid-19, please refer to or the HSE website


For advice for people with diabetes see


The Government has published a Roadmap for Reopening Society and Business. This road map sets out how the COVID-19 restrictions will be lifted. See revised roadmap for re-opening Ireland at the following link: see:






What is COVID-19



Covid-19 and Meal Planning



What about my Mental Health


Maintaining Physical Activity Levels



Caring for yourself when Routine Diabetes Care is Suspended 



Minding your Long-Term Health Condition During Covid19



Can I use Public Transport



What about Work



Will I be able to continue to get my Medications and Supplies



What preparations should I make in case I get COVID-19



What if I get a Mild Illness



When should I seek Medical Help



Covid-19 Testing


Covid App Tracker


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