Living with type 2Weight control is vital.


Diet and exercise play a major role in the management of diabetes.



Being overweight/obese is a major contributing factor to developing type 2 diabetes.


Understanding carbohydrates, sources and portion size is essential to the overall management of diabetes.


Maintaining a healthy weight is vital if people are going to gain good control of their diabetes. Dietitians are vitally important in helping people to understand how their diet and exercise affect their blood glucose control; and how to eat well to control their condition. However, many people with diabetes have very little or no access to a dietitian.



Our service provides affordable access to dietitians who have diabetes expertise. The aim is to help people to maintain a healthy weight and keep blood glucose levels balanced. We will offer services for people tailored to their diabetes management and their activity level.


Sinéad offers:


  • Support in achieving maximum control of diabetes with diet and exercise
  • Access to evidence-based Type 2 structured education programmes
  • Carbohydrate counting advice
  • Weight Management support
  • Managing Cholesterol levels
  • Support in preventing/managing cardiovascular disease
  • Diabetes & Coeliac disease dietary advice
  • Nutrition advice for people with diabetes involved in sport.

Biography of Sinéad Powell



Ms. Sinéad Powell, Dietitian, Diabetes Ireland, Northeast Regional Development Officer (BSc Dietetics MINDI)




Sinéad graduated from Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh in 1996 with an honours degree in Dietetics.


Sinéad is a member of the Irish Nutrition & Dietetic Institute (INDI) which is the professional organisation for dietitians in Ireland. Sinéad is also a State Registered Dietitian with CORU and it is mandatory for all Dietitians practising in Ireland to be registered with CORU.



Sinéad worked in the NHS for 5 years and returned to Ireland in 2001 where she continued in acute and community settings mainly in the area of diabetes.


Since joining the Diabetes Ireland in 2007, Sinéad has worked to develop diabetes services and raise diabetes awareness in the HSE North Eastern Region. She has developed and coordinated the CODE educational programme for people with Type 2 diabetes.


The philosophy of which is, that the person is at the centre of their own diabetes care. Learning takes place in a group setting with Sinéad facilitating group education, encouraging the group to come up with their own goals and understanding of how to best manage their diabetes.


Sinéad has also been involved in education at type 1 family diabetes events, in health promotion in schools, public community events, and corporate workplace wellness. She is an advocate for people with diabetes on numerous bodies and the local and national media.


Dietetics Diabetes Ireland Private Consultation
Members Rate
Initial Consultation €60 * €95 – €110
Follow up Consultation €35 * €55
Non-Member Rate
Initial Consultation €80 ** €95 – €120
Follow up Consultation €35 ** €55

You may be covered for dietetic appointments on your private health insurance.


The extent of cover is dependent on the company and type of health insurance plan you have. You are best advised to contact your health care insurer to inform you of the extent of cover they provide to cover dietetic appointments.


Fees may also be included in Med 1 form for tax relief.


Med 1 forms are available from your tax office or at


*A deposit of €25 will be taken at the time of booking for both new and renewed appointments. This is redeemable off the cost of the appointment.

If you fail to attend your appointment this is non-refundable.


To Book an Appointment in our Dublin Care Centre, please call Maria on 01 8426273 or complete the booking form below: