The “DiAthlete 100 Challenge” will see Gavin Griffiths (also known as “The DiAthlete”), 26, attempt to complete 25 marathon runs between 13th April – 13th May 2018 all around the UK & Ireland,as someone living with the autoimmune condition type 1 diabetes.


Gavin will be finishing his Dublin leg at our HQ, 19 Northwood House, Northwood Business Campus, Santry, Dublin 9, Thursday the 26th of April.

He is hoping to arrive at 4.15 pm and we would love to see as many people here to show support for this amazing feat he is carrying out!



The challenge will reach and involve participants connected through this condition with every local marathon route, and if Gavin is successful, it will total a milestone 100 extreme endurance triumphs he has accomplished in the last 10 years – his first in 2008 being a 29 mile feat completed in 3 hours 1 min in Thanet, Kent; his most recent a marathon in Guanacaste, Costa Rica in 34 Celsius heat in February! Gavin’s name for being a ‘DiAthlete’ grew from multiple community and fundraising adventures, where he has previously ran around the perimeter of the Isle of Wight, around Long Island, NY, and even cycled from Brussels to Geneva via the Alps! Back in 2012, Gavin was a London 2012 Olympic Torch Bearer for his early work to support and empower people living with type 1 diabetes, and his biggest endurance accomplishment was running from John O’Groats to Land’s End in 30 days in 2013.

Gavin has shared that he struggled to come to terms with this medical condition, after being diagnosed at the age of 8 in January 2000. He was even initially told that playing the sports he loved could have serious risks to his health. Type 1 diabetes is a chronic illness of which sadly has the highest incidence of mental health related issues in young people, and Gavin openly shares that post diagnosis he felt different from other students in school and very isolated. His active lifestyle has helped turn that on its head, where he has founded “DiAthlete” to educate, encourage and empower other type 1s worldwide.

This challenge will appeal as a networking campaign to encourage people to open up about their condition and to publicly share stories from local heroes living with type 1 diabetes with every route. Daily updates will be featured on Diathlete.org & social media links:

& www.instagram.com/thediathlete

This 655 mile challenge will attempt to fundraise £10,000 towards the work of the newly founded “League of DiAthletes” programme, which hosts passionate “T1D Heroes” from across 6 continents of the world who innovate fun & practical methods of type 1 diabetes education, with 10% of the donations also assisting the work of T1International’s advocacy workshops in developing countries. Access to crucial resources such as insulin and blood glucometers in order to survive with type 1 diabetes is an unfortunate and costly struggle in many locations, of which The League & T1International operate.

The world of type 1 diabetes has seen advanced developments in healthcare in recent times, and Gavin will be continuously monitoring his glucose levels throughout the runs with the use of a Dexcom G5, holding crucial data & health information to help avoid the risks of hypoglycemia on his mobile phone! Gavin will furthermore be running in appropriate footwear, using Kalenji’s Kiprun Long trainers with the support of Decathlon UK. And Gavin’s medication will be kept cool and available by carrying a Frio Medical Cooling wallet throughout the journey. Gavin will take his London 2012 Olympic Torch on the journey – for local champions living with type 1 diabetes to carry into the finish points!

Type 1 diabetes occurs when the body’s immune system attacks & destroys insulin producing beta cells, meaning the pancreas stops producing insulin hormones to manage glucose levels in the bloodstream. A person diagnosed with type 1 therefore has to manage every detail of their body, from what they eat to how they exercise, in order to maintain good health and avoid long term complications.

Opportunities will be available to interview Gavin and local “T1D Heroes” in each location pre, during and post run. Please see the below schedule.

#DiAthlete100 Challenge: 25 Marathons in the UK & Ireland, 13 April – 13 May 2018
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