Diabetes and Food

Including articles "Food & Festivities", "Weight Loss & Sneaky Saboteurs", School Lunches and more...

diabetes federation ireland

Eat well to prevent type 2 diabetes

There are up to 30,000 people with undetected type 2 diabetes in Ireland and approximately 146,000 people with

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Truth about ‘carbs’

What exactly are carbohydrates and why are they particularly important....

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What is hunger?

Grumble. That’s the sound your belly makes to let you know it’s chow time. Ever wonder what triggered

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Fat Free

Understanding food labels

What can a food label tell us?

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Yellow tape-line

Weight loss & Sneaky Saboteurs

what are these sneaky little habits that sabotage our best efforts to lose weight?

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Basket of fruit

Whats so great about fruit&veg?

More and more research shows that a diet which is high in fibre, low in fat and in

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Eating well at Christmas

Healthy habits over Christmas

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water splash in a glass

Water is essential for life

Water is essential for life, and drinking enough fluids is especially important for people with diabetes

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Wheat selection

Coeliac disease & Type 1

What is the link between coeliac disease and Type 1 diabetes?

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Food and Festivities

Children with diabetes should be treated the same as every other child at special times.

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lunch box

School Lunches

Lunch should provide approximately one third of your child’s daily food requirements

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Food for Summer

Outdoor feasts that are delicious, healthy and fun...

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sugar cubes

Sugar and Artificial Sweeteners

Role of sugar and artifical sweetners in your diet

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Pregnant belly

Eating well in pregnancy

If you have diabetes and you are thinking about having a baby it is very important to attend

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kids watching TV

Junk ads’ can damage our kids

Children around the world are becoming increasingly vulnerable to overweight and obesity.

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